Zebronics Multimedia Speaker 4.1 with Bluetooth, Remote,

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Jellyfish is a 4.1 speaker inspired by the design of a Jellyfish. The effective 73 Watt RMS speaker has an LED display, LED lights with White/Blue illumination and a glossy finish to give it a premium feeling but apart from it’s rich aesthetics, it also comes with multi-connectivity options like BT/SD/USB/MMC card and also comes with an AUX support. It has an inbuilt radio and comes with a fully functional remote control. Impedance : Subwoofer drive : 4Ω. Satellite drive : 4Ω. Sensitivity : 500mV. S/N Ratio : ≥ 72dB. Separation : ≥ 45dB

LED Display
Supports USB pen drive & SD/MMC cards
Built-in FM
Full function remote control

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