Dime Store Set Top Box Holder Wall Shelf Wall Mount (Standard, Black)

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Keep your set-top box firmly on this super stylish wall mount set top box stand. The set top box stand wall mount in wooden material has been designed keeping in mind utility and aesthetics both. It has a sturdy yet stylish design, which enables you to keep your set-top box at its place on the wall and give your living room a pleasant look. This set top box holder wall mount wall shelves allows for better wire management and comes with a load carrying capacity up to 2 kgs. In addition, the wall mount is easy to install and set up and is made of mdf wood. Load carrying capacity up to 2 kg easy to set up.

Wall Shelves Aka Set Top Box Holder Wall Mount Wooden Color – Black
Made With High Durable Quality Wood That Gives You Assurance Of Stability Of Item.
Keep Your Set Top Box Firmly On This Super Stylish Set Top Box Stand.
Premium Quality Mdf With High Finish

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